Through the establishment of our subsidiary, GenExosome Technologies Inc., as well as collaborations with Weill Cornell Medical College and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, AVCO positions to become the foremost developer in the exosome technology domain, with focus in the following unmet diagnostic and therapeutic areas:

GenExosome Technologies Inc. (GT), a majority-owned subsidiary of AVCO, is a leading biotechnology company focused on the development of exosome-based diagnostic and therapeutic products. The Company was co-founded in the United States with Dr. Yu Zhou, a clinical scientist who has spent more than 10 years on exosome research and clinical utilization of exosomes products.

GT’s proprietary Exosome Isolation System has proven to be a cutting-edge technology, as its greatly enhances exosome isolation efficiency and exosome quality. Our innovative technology fosters the translation of exosome laboratory research into clinical advancement. Collaborating with world’s leading industrial and clinical partners, GT develops exosomes based diagnostic and therapeutic products, decode exosome carried bioinformatics and biobank exosome from body fluids.

GT has operation in New Jersey, Ohio in the USA and Beijing, Shanghai and Wuhan in China.


AVCO believes the future of medicine will evolve toward cell-based therapeutics and diagnostics. Our “Avalon Cell” platform focuses on cell-based therapies and technologies with emphasis in the field of in vitro diagnostics, regenerative medicine and cancer immunotherapy.

AVCO leverages the clinical expertise of Daopei Medical Group and the strong technical background of our management team, to advance cell technologies globally. We focus on transformative and high-impact cell-based bio-tech opportunities in the U.S.A. and China, and fast track them to clinical development and commercialization worldwide.


Currently includes healthcare property management services, primarily by acquiring and managing healthcare real estate facilities, stem cell banks, and CAP-certified laboratory that will compliment our existing platforms.